Retirement Readiness Tools

Here are a few FREE tools to help you get ready for retirement.

Retirement Asset Tracker – Use this PDF to track your retirement accounts, liquid assets and non-liquid assets.

Retirement Net Worth Tracker – Do you know your personal net worth? Use this excel spreadsheet for tracking your net worth. It includes your assets, debts and calculates your net worth!

I hope you find these tools to be useful, help you get organized and save you time! Let me know if you have ideas for any other tools that would be helpful.

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Web Hosting

Tools I use for my Blog:

Blogging isn’t easy. There’s a lot involved and it’s way more than just writing a post you hope people will be interested in reading. Trying to get your blog out to readers is very involved – and not necessarily intuitive. I’ve had a number of great instructors and I continue to learn every day. Here are a few of the classes and tools that I recommend.

  • Start a Money Making Blog 5 Day Crash Course – I’ve taken a couple of courses from Heather and Pete Reese at It’s A Lovely Life and they really know the blogging industry. They can help you get up and running in 5 days and then have the Facebook groups to help you get your questions answered and the support that you need. I’ve been super impressed with how involved and accessible they are.
  • SiteGround – An Organized Retirement is hosted on SiteGround. They have great customer service and their web hosting service is built on the best available technologies. They make my site faster, safer, and easier to manage.
  • Picmonkey – I use this application to edit and touch up my pictures and create pins for Pinterest. I love their collage feature too!

  • Grammarly – Is this a blogging tool, or is it an everyday tool? Grammarly is both! I use it for my blog, and I use it for all my other communication needs. I purchased the Premium version, but you can use the FREE version. I’ve installed it on my Google Chrome browser, and Grammarly keeps me from making embarrassing mistakes. Using Grammarly has made such a difference in my blog and in my other work. I love that it checks my spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Also, Grammarly lets me choose if I want a friendly tone or a more professional tone. I’m not sure how I survived before I used it. I love this tool! You need to try out Grammarly! Bonus….. You can try it out for free!

Tools I use in my everyday life:

1. Rakuten – I LOVE this site. I get cash back for my online purchases and it’s like FREE money! I use this all the time.

What are your favorite tools? I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient and organized!

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